Slowroll Hangang

Inspired by the global movement by Slowroll Detroit, Artee Riders Club aspires to create the same energetic movement for social change in Seoul by using bicycles to reach out to local communities and raise environmental awareness in the city.

The idea of the branding was influenced by the connection within our community. The event was targeted to attract people from different age group, background and nationality to ride together. I started to put my ideation process together and figured it will be best to create my own typeface because it holds a deeper meaning to it. Besides that, I needed to diversify my logo, making it adaptable to any web and print format.

Event poster for Slowroll Hangang.

It Was A Success!

Over the course of 4 weeks, the event attracted over 500 Seoulites from children to the elderly to cycle together. Each course was over 18KM neighbourhoods situated near Hangang River. Participants get to discover each neighborhood's charm and appreciate the skyline of Seoul City throughout the ride.