Klook is a travel and leisure booking platform designed to connect travellers with experiences and attractions.

I joined the South Korea marketing team in 2018 and were in charged of conceptualizing and creating designs ranging from web banners, packaging, social media content, print and digital ads, OOH and campaigns page banners.

Mass A/B Testing for Display Ads

Klook was focusing on display ads to reach new consumers. After our first few rounds, we noticed that different images and copywriting shown a difference in our bounce rate, clicks and CPC. We wanted to put it to test on how ads can affect our engagement to gain more traffic to our campaign pages. With the help of my marketing team, we conducted A/B testing on our campaigns with different keywords and images and target to specified consumers. The aim of the test was to reduce the workload for future ads and understand the behaviour of how display ads work.

Transfer to Global Performance Team

In 2020, I was transferred to the Performance Team and handled all rich media ads for all regional markets. Rich media uses motion graphic elements and a dynamic feed to create an interactive experience. Compared to still display ads, this was more challenging for me because motion graphic was not my forte. But I was excited I got to learn something new.

What I've Learnt in Klook

Working in Klook for the past three years has definitely given me the freedom to work on many exciting briefs. There are also three lessons that made an impact to my design process :

From working in the regional Korea Team and transferring to the Global team, my journey has been nothing but amazing and fruitful. Special thank you to my team members for striving to make campaigns successful and accompanying each other during late night shift.