A friendly neighborhood fruit shop that serves the finest, freshest fruits, vegetables, at affordable prices by supporting small local farmers and the zero waste movement.

A rebranding work for Dusun, a local fruit shop and juice bar established in 2008 in Malaysia. The founder, Shan Shan wanted to expand the business by rebranding the look and feel of Dusun as the business starts to expand.
The family business consist of 3 sisters and Mangosteen, the Queen of Fruits in Malaysia has always been associated with them. Therefore, I started to ideate with the idea of Mangosteen with a touch of simplicity to attract younger audiences to Dusun.

What I've Learnt

After looking back at my work for Dusun, I realised that the logo could be improvised more. One of the main idea was to attract younger crowds to Dusun but I noticed that I was only keeping the younger generation in mind. Hence, the minimalistic look. But many returning customers in their late 30's to early 60's might appreciated a more classical yet familiar look. An important point that I would take that into consideration in the future.