Artee Riders Club

Artee Pedicab Tours specializes in unique tours that educate customers about Seoul’s famous landmarks and the rich culture of Korea.

I joined Artee Riders Club as their in-house Graphic Designer and Photographer in year 2017. Seasonal photographs were important key assets for marketing materials because it attracts local and foreign visitors. The concept of each ride is to present a relaxing and hassle-free tour experience while ticking off historical landmarks in Seoul city.

Customers came from all over the world but Korean, English and Japanese speakers were the majority. Therefore, minimal colors and thin lines were incorporated into the illustration style so it can be assimilated easily on design deliverables.

My First Web Design

I was also put to charge of designing Artee Riders Club's first website. The priority was to allow customers to easily view and book tours. I was inspired by Tripadvisor's and Naver's booking platform and tried to adapt a similar layout to the website.

What I've Learnt in Artee Riders Club

Working as a sole creative role in a company can be exhausting but there were a few tricks that kept me going :