Hi there, I'm Renee.
I'm a Product Designer with six years graphic design background. Previously located in South Korea and recently moved back to my homeland, Malaysia.

My transition from Graphic Design to Product Design

Through print and digital design work across food and beverage, jewelry and travel industries, I have honed my skills in the areas of social media, display ads and marketing campaigns. My time as a graphic designer also helped me develop a deep understanding of how visual communication can bridge the connection between users and the nature of business. One of the turning points in my career was when I had to create an interactive display toolkit through in-depth research and mass testing while I was in Klook.

Through the global project, I contributed to the user interface update by providing localised marketing and design research. I really enjoyed the process that placed focus on the product rationale based on quantitative research, and the active collaboration that involved input from multiple stakeholders. That sparked the beginning of my interest in product design. 

Since then, I have graduated as a Product Designer from Designlab and I am excited to see what's in store for me in this field.


Klook (2018-2020)
Artee Riders Club (2016-2018)
BE.ARUM (2016)
The Social Group (2015)


University of Hertfordshire in BA (HONS) Graphic Design & Illustration (2011-2014)
The One Academy Design Foundations (2011)

I always try to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics in my work — believing that neither can go with the other. I also strongly value authenticity in building a brand.

Get to know me (better)


I love plants but
they don't love me.

Yes, much like many entering their 30s, I have begun to like plants. It’s gotten to the point where I save money just to buy more plants. Back in Seoul, I had a vegetable garden and the crops always fruited at the beginning but they all end up dying because... well, I have no idea.


French fries and ice cream

Only french fries and soft serve ice cream from McDonalds though. Call me crazy but this combination is the bomb. You should try it.


Film photography

I go around taking pictures with my film camera, a Nikon FM2 gifted by my father. I wished film rolls were cheaper because I am going broke from buying them. 


Spending time with my dog

Bob’s a corgi but also my keeper. I take comfort in walking him, going on hikes together or just hanging out with him at home. His silly antics help me clear my mind and focus on what's important.

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You can also reach me through LinkedIn.